Jason Verdi is a self-taught artist from Orange County, California who specializes in painting and digital art. Jason graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in Kinesiology, and quickly drew connections from the study of the human body to his preferred subject matters; art soon regained priority in his life. With no formal training, Jason has been drawing since a young toddler, and has always had an instinctual passion for creating. Throughout his travels in Japan, Spain, and Korea, Jason was surrounded by some of the world’s most profound historical artists and creative settings. His passion ferociously grew into a relentless inspiration to make art his career instead of a mere hobby.


I always said growing up that I loved to draw but never had the “talent” to make it my life. I drew when I had time or when I needed to find solace, but it wasn’t until I realized that natural talent is what I had that I began to further explore my capabilities. Out of college, I had no clue where I was headed or what I was about to do for the next forty years of my life, so I began to travel the world in hopes to gain some answers-- and I did just that. In 2017, my first trip abroad to Tokyo, Japan introduced me to many people and a culture that has a strong grasp on historical and modern art. It was on this trek that I started “Calidoscopic”. A word play on “kaleidoscopic”, I show homage to my roots (Cali-), and relate the broad spectrum of what we see through a kaleidoscope to what lands on paper. Thus, I, myself am the figurative kaleidoscope and my creations are what you see through my lens. In a modern world of us taking things too seriously, I hope my art provides a nostalgic innocence that brings out our inner-kid again. Remember what makes our childhood a place we all wish we could return to. As an artist, I truly hope to help people realize how much potential we all have, how capable we all are. Our mind is the strongest thing about us, so we shouldn’t let societal norms overshadow the things that bring us joy. Most of us grow up hearing “you’re not good enough” or “you’re crazy” for thinking we can do anything outside the normal 9-5; I’m here to remind you that crazy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Create, and be different!